Safety is the Crush Games number one priority and we take extreme measures to ensure athlete safety and reduce their risk of injury through our programming by testing and re-testing every event.

Event movements vary and can include classic olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics, skill, monostructural and functional work capacity (lifting, moving objects); however, none of our events exceed ten (10) minutes for individual competitors and fifteen (15) minutes for teams.  Rehabilitation services such as physician, physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy are provided to all athletes free of charge.  Additionally, emergency medical personnel, such as paramedics and fire rescue, are on the scene during the entire competition.

Participants must be aware of the risks associated with competing in a fitness competition.  We, therefore, encourage athletes to assess their capabilities before determining which competition and/or division to participate in.   By participating you acknowledge the risk of injuries and/or illness associated with this type of sport.  We encourage proper nutrition and hydration, prior to, during and after the event.  Crush Games reserves the right to remove any athlete from the competition in which our medical staff deems unfit to compete due to injury or illness.


  • Tests selected should measure the most important factors in physical fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, agility, and flexibility.
  • Tests should require minimal equipment.
  • Tests should be capable of administration with a maximum economy of time.
  • Tests should be safe for the unskilled or poorly conditioned.
  • Tests should depend as little as possible upon technical skills. The purpose of the tests is to measure physical fitness, not to measure learned skills.
  • Tests should be able to be scored on a 100 point table.
  • The tests and the entire program should be able to clearly distinguish between fit and unfit individuals. Scores should consistently reflect an individual's current fitness level.