Step One: Register

Visit the Locations page to find more information on your local event and to register. Registration fees range from $25-50.

Step Two: Train

We created an event that allows you to train pretty much anytime, anywhere so there are no more excuses. Train at the gym, park, your home, hotel, office, anywhere. 

Step Three: Show Up

When your event's date comes get your game face on, show up and check in. We will send you your approximate start time before the event so you will know what time you will go so you can plan your warm up accordingly.

Step Four: Kick Butt

You've made your way to the venue, checked in, high-fived your friends and now you are ready to kick some Standard Fitness butt! You will face 10 challenging body-weight fitness tests and your max for each one will be recorded by judges onsite. Each test and the time between them have specific time limits. The judges will help guide you through the program and will answer any questions you may have. We hope to limit the amount of thinking you need to do so you can focus on showing those tests who is boss.Participants will be released in waves and judges count your reps, mark your score card, guide you to the next station and answer any questions you may have. We'll try to take the need for you to think so you can focus on doing your best and maxing out the tests. You've By participating in The Standard Fitness Challenge you are automatically raising money for charity as we will be donating $.01 for every point you score to a charity in your area.

Step Five: Feel Awesome!

You have completed the 10 tests and even though your body is exhausted you feel awesome for three reasons: You have an exercise high, you pushed yourself and did your best and you just helped raise money for a local charity in your area. For every point you just earned we will donate $.01 to a local charity in your area.

Step six: check your scores

Each test is worth 100 points and your score on each test will be based on how the reps, time or distance you did for each one. We will add up all your points giving you a total score out of 1,000 possible points. Since everyone who does the Standard Fitness Challenge goes through the same tests with the same standards you will be able to see how you did against anyone who completed it. You'll be ale to use your score to see how you did in your age group, gender, city, state, world plus more. You'll also be able to see which Standard you met and what color you earned.

Step Seven: Continue training

You have your score in hand and now it's time to set new goals for the next event. The tests and format will remain the same so you will be able to track your progress with each event you participate in.