How did we fit the hardest workout ever put on DVD into
just 30 minutes?

Get Fit Through Competition

Path to Fitness: Train, Compete, Repeat.

Use this event as motivation to get in the best shape of your life and start exercising with a purpose.

Be Part of the community

Be part of a bigger team, your city team.

This event is designed to bring together people of all fitness backgrounds. It is truly a community event.

Train Anywhere Anytime

No excuses not to train.

By using bodyweight fitness tests you can train at home, the gym, hotels, the beach, anywhere!

Push yourself to your limits

Find your mental and physical max!

With the adrenaline flowing and crowd cheering push yourself to your limits and find your max.

What is the Standard Fitness Challenge?

What you need

  • Speed, strength and guts – or be prepared for a rude awakening
  • Phone, tablet, or camera to record your workout
  • Around 30 minutes for the entire process
  • $15 to register

An Exercise Race consists of 3 – 4 exercises where participants compete to see who can complete the workout in the fastest time.

The winners get big cash prizes and other cool stuff. Even if you don’t make the prizes, you get to see how you measure up against everyone else. It’s all good.

why participate?


Elite athlete or a weekend warrior, it's just you versus the 10 tests sitting in front of you. The challenge is to dig down deep and give your max effort. Your mental and physical limits will be pushed.


The Standard Fitness Challenge gives your workouts a whole new purpose. Train, compete, repeat your way to greater athleticism and fitness. 


By designing this event for all fitness levels you'll get to meet a diverse group of people from your community. Not only that, you will be competing to help your city earn the title of Fittest City!


We believe giving back is as essential to our well-being as eating healthy and exercising. Therefore, each participant will have the opportunity to raise money for charities in their communities.