The Standard Fitness Challenge consists of 10 body-weight exercises. You will have two minutes for each exercise to get as many reps as you can. There is a 1 minute rest between each exercise. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. Demonstrations by Jt Spratley.

1.) Pull Ups (Dead Hang)

Strict overhand pull ups only. Hands are placed shoulder width apart in an overhand grip. Pull yourself up until your chin reaches above the bar. Lower yourself down until your arms are straight. That is one rep. You may come off of the bar to rest but you must lower yourself to fully extended arms before you release your grip. Alternative: Dead Arm Hang (Hang from the bar for as long as you can. Scored to the nearest 10 seconds.)

2.) Sit Ups

Legs must bent close to 90 degrees with both feet on the ground. You will place one hand over the other. To start you must first touch the ground behind your head and then reach forward and touch the ground between your feet. In order for reps to count you must touch the ground behind your head and between your feet.

3.) Push Ups (Knee Push Ups)

Maximum number of push ups in two minutes. Feet together and hands just outside shoulder width apart. Lower yourself until your arms are parallel with the ground. Push up until your arms are fully extended. You may come out of the push up position to rest on your knees but you must complete the previous push up fully before you do so. Alternative: Knee Push ups (Same rules as a regular push up but from your knees.)

4.) Squats

Maximum number of air squats in two minutes. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Lower yourself until your legs are just past parallel with the ground. Stand up until your legs are completely straight.

5.) Spidermans (Mountain Climbers)

You will start in the push-up plank position. Moving one leg at a time you will bring your knee up so it touches your arm on the same side. Bring your leg back and repeat on the other side. Each time your knee touches your arm is a rep. Your feet cannot touch the ground while you move your leg to or from your arm. They can only touch in the far back plank position. You may rest in the downward dog position but once any body part other than your hands or feet touches the ground you are done. Alternative: Mountain Climbers (In a plank position bring your knee to your chest one at a time.)

6.) Burpees

Maximum number of burpees in two minutes. Lower yourself so your chest touches the ground. Push up and jump your feet to your hands. Stand up and clap your hands above your head as you jump. Feet must leave the ground and body must be vertical in the jump.

7.) 10M Sprints

At the start you will run to a line 10m away. Your foot must cross the line and then you will return to the start line and keep repeating until time is up. Each time your foot crosses one of the lines is a rep.

8.) Triple Jump

Maximum distance you can jump from a standing position with three jumps. Distance will be measured from the starting line to where your heal lands on the third jump. You will get a max of three attempts within the two minute time frame.

9.) 20M Sprints

Same as the 10m sprints except you will now be going 20m.

10.) Plank

Maximum time you can hold a elbow plank. Lower yourself so your forearms are on the ground and your legs are straight. Time will stop when your body is no longer able to hold a straight line from your head to your feet. Both elbows and feet must remain on the ground at all times. Scored to the nearest 10 seconds.