up to the challenge?


Local Events, Global results

The Standard Fitness Challenge is a competition that consists of 10 Fitness Tests that measure strength, endurance, speed and power. Using the same standardized format and tests we will be rolling this event out to cities around the world creating multiple levels of competition. Choose to compete against your city, the world or help your city claim the title of Fittest City!

why participate?

Challenge Yourself

Whatever your fitness level, we hope this event will bring out the best in you by making you challenge yourself mentally and physically. Elite athlete or a weekend warrior, it's just you versus the 10 tests sitting in front of you. The challenge is to dig down deep and give it your best. Your mental and physical limits will be pushed.


Working out to be fit and healthy is great, but that alone doesn't seem to be enough to keep a lot of us motivated for long. We tend to get bored and complacent with no real goals or objectives in front of us. With the Standard Fitness Challenge, working out now has another purpose. Train, compete, repeat your way to greater athleticism and fitness. 


By designing this event for all fitness levels you'll get to meet a diverse group of awesome people from your community. Not only that, you'll be joining the City Team as there will be a ranking for Fittest City. You won't just be competing for yourself, you will be competing as part of a larger team, your City Team! Help your city earn the title of Fittest City.

Give back to the community

We believe giving back is as essential to our well-being as eating healthy and exercising. Therefore, each participant will have the opportunity to raise money for charities in their communities. Details of how you can give back will be released soon.

How it works

The Tests

Participants, released 6 at a time, will have to face 10 physical exercises that are designed to test strength, agility, endurance, speed and power. Each exercise will be worth 100 points. After you complete all 10 exercises your scores from each one will be added up to give you a final score. Every rep, every second will count. When you feel like quitting, push yourself to do one more.


On September 1st we will release the complete program for the event which will include the 10 exercises, the standards and requirements for each exercise, the order in which the exercises will be completed and the time allotted to completing the exercise and the rest in between. Every event will use the same exact program and standards. Using a strict and standardized program allows you to compare your score to anyone who has completed the event.

This event will be judged very carefully. Strict form and standards will be enforced by judges onsite.


  • Tests selected should measure the most important factors in physical fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, agility, and flexibility.
  • Tests should require minimal equipment.
  • Tests should be capable of administration with a maximum economy of time.
  • Tests should be safe for the unskilled or poorly conditioned.
  • Tests should depend as little as possible upon technical skills. The purpose of the tests is to measure physical fitness, not to measure learned skills.
  • Tests should be able to be scored on a 100 point table.
  • The tests and the entire program should be able to clearly distinguish between fit and unfit individuals. Scores should consistently reflect an individual's current fitness level.

how does it work?

Participants will be released in waves and will take on 10 fitness tests. Each test will be scored by a judge onsite and at the end the scores will be added together for a final score.

The order and timing of the tests will be predetermined and will be the same for every participant. Using a strict and standardized program allows you to compare your score to anyone who has competed in the event. Getting through the tests will take approximately 40 minutes.

We will use the scores from every participant who completes the event to determine three different fitness levels: White, Black and Red. These will be updated after every Standard Fitness Challenge event so check back often to see where your fitness stacks up.

Get Fit Through Competition

Path to Fitness: Train, Compete, Repeat.

Use this event as motivation to get in the best shape of your life and start exercising with a purpose.

Be Part of the community

Be part of a bigger team, your city team.

Join people of all fitness backgrounds and help your city earn the title of Fittest City!

Push yourself to your limits

Find your mental and physical max!

With the adrenaline flowing and friends cheering for you, push yourself to your limits and find your max.