Designed for all fitness levels, The Standard Fitness Challenge is a fitness test that uses body-weight exercises to measure your strength, power, speed and endurance against your friends, your city, the world or The Standards!

The Standard


Earn Your Colors

So fun, can’t wait for the next time.
— Lynda
Can’t believe I really did all 10!!!
— Sharon (74 years old)
Such a cool overall experience.
— Danielle
I loved the challenge your event presented. The order of the 10 exercises also made it fun. I can’t wait to do it again. Set the Standard!!
— Corey
Awesome event! It was so much fun and I’m going to be Soooo sore tomorrow! ;)
— Lisa
The Standard Fitness Challenge was a great event. Lots of fun and we got a good workout to boot. Looking forward to the next one.
— Dan